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Therapy Will Let You Down

Therapy will let you down does not sound a wonderful reason to seek out counselling does it? However, the fact remains it will always still leave some of the pain, some of the scar will always be visible. It will always be too little too late. Therapy cannot make right something that was wrong or that caused hurt. Some things simply cannot be undone.

So, you might reasonably ask, what is the point of therapy?

The point of therapy is to put words to the hurt we have found it difficult to speak of, to give language or a story to what we feel but cannot express. When we do this we have the courage to grieve what we lost or express the pain. It gives the chance to talk about what did or did not happen. It gives us a place to explore what our future might look like. To realise often we cannot resolve things alone and, in believing we ought to be able to, we add the shame of not being able to do so to our burden.

Therapy will not fix you but it will help you see that its ok to feel pain, to be a mess, to experience difficult times. To see that you are amazing and can survive the things that life inevitably throws at you.

So what might therapy be?

Therapy is a guide but its not a rope.

Therapy is a challenge to your dysfunction but its not a protection from it.

Therapy is a safe space but it cannot force you to feel safe within it - that comes with time.

Therapy is a stable ground on which you have to decide to place your feet.

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