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Therapy Is Slowing Down

Often people come to therapy saying they wan't to change something - something they do they are uncomfortable with or feel they don't like about themselves. However, I think often this is not immediately apparent in the therapy sessions. Often what comes through is the client wanting not to change the thing they do but instead to feel better about the thing they are doing.

The temptation from a therapist perspective is to race the client to this understanding - to point it out - "look here - this is the thing!" Unfortunately that doesn't often work.

What can work is slowing down during sessions to look at what we do, to reflect, to check in on our choices and decisions. This can be uncomfortable and takes time. Its about allowing yourself the time to think about things.

So in asking yourself what you want from therapy it might be worth asking do I want a quick solution - the imagined magic wand? or do I want the time and space to truly become a better version of myself even if this takes a little longer - and some uncomfortable silences!

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