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The Road To Hell Is Paved With Bad Intentions

So often we get caught up with short term goals. Getting through the day, making it to the next weekend or holiday. Or with secondary goals - the next promotion, that will lead to more money that will lead to better holidays that will lead to happiness...

We are constantly working down that "to do" list in the hope that it will eventually be completed - perhaps on the day we die we will have nothing on it - but probably it will still be full. We rarely take a more generous look at what we have now that brings happiness and instead find ourselves constantly looking over the horizon for more.

If we change our intentions - move toward an intentionality that is more about understanding what it takes to be happy today rather than living in a way that is constantly about building the necessary framework to be happy in the future - it is possible to realise we have all we need generrally now. We can be content in this moment. This is especially true if we let go of the belief that the answer to our uncertainty lies in more material gains or finally proving ourselves better than others.

It means perhaps reviewing our perception of what makes the "good life" and realising it is available today and not when we achieve all those things that are external embobiments of success but don't often bring a fuller sense of in the moment peace.

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