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The Real Message Behind The Wizard Of Oz

I told the story of The Golden Buddha a couple of weeks ago and as Christmas approaches and all those old movies start to appear on TV again I realised that perhaps a more familiar version of that lesson is closer to hand when I listended to a podcast by Tara Brach.

She talked about the movie and what she took from it.

In that movie the lion, the strawman and the tin man are all looking for that quality that will, they believe, make them whole and take away their feelings of inadequacy. So they join Dorothy on a long, arduous journey in the hope the Wizard can give them courage, a heard and a brain.

Of course, they learn is that they had these qualities all along. They are right there within them. The Wizard, when he is exposed, explains to them that these qualities are not "out there" requiring to be earned but within each of them and always were. With all our hard work - sometimes spiritual work such as meditation - we think we are working toward making something happen - trying to get somewhere - when actually what we want is often in us all the time, hidden by self doubt and experiences that tell us we aren't good enough.

Perhaps slowing down, looking more tentatively inward will show you do have courage, or intellegince or heart. It is there within you.

And finally remember that ultimately that its Toto who pulls back the curtain and exposes the wizard - showing things as they truly are. What we need to do is reach for our Inner Toto to see all the strengths and qualities we possess. The ones we miss when we are focused pn wishing ourselves different.

Take care


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