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The Benefits Of Sunlight

I am fortunate to live so close to a beautiful beach that I can walk each morning. Its been still and calm most of the week and hear are some of the photos from three different days this week.

These photos are taken in the morning - before 8am - and the sunlight at that time is especially helpful: it sets our circadian rythm and thefore helps us sleep better, it gives us vitamin D that helps with healthy bones and growth, it strengthens your immune system...and the earlier in the day we do this the better for us it is.

So while I offer therapy and help with mental health that way its definitely cheaper and more affective to get up, go out and let the sun do its work. It takes effort I know and maybe the idea of "habit stacking" can help here - a topic of another post perhaps.

But get into the habit and you really will feel the benefits of it...this weekend is cold but sunny - go for a walk!

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