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Resolutions As Reality Hits

How many did you make? How many already by January 7th have you broken or given up on? And that's before perhaps you go back to work tomorrow and things get really difficult.

There is an argument that says simply don't make them. They are a way of failing. Its also possible instead to say you will not be a different person this year but more you. Alternatively you could simply try to live with who you are with all your failings and foibles and let accepting that be your resolution of sorts.

All those are good, valid ways of dealing with this time of reflection.

Another one is to be less demanding of yourself. Lower your expecations.

Maybe you've said "I will start a routine of meditation every day." You can transform the likelihood of keeping that resolution by changing that to "I will meditate daily-ish" Adding those 3 letters can make all the difference - cut yourself some slack and you've a much improved chance of sustaining a new thing.

So if you have already given up because you didn't make it the gym every day after January 4th, you can still save it and change it to "daily-ish" - you met that right?

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