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It's Never Too Late

I found this cartoon in the week and it made me laugh.

In some ways it can stand as a warning - don't keep putting of what is in your heart...there is no other time than the present. We never know when that opportunity will no longer be available to us. It says we need to be present in our lives - live intentionally. It doesn't mean necessarily doing crazy eshausting things to live "for the moment" - more about living "in the moment." What would I like to do with the time I have and the time being right now...

There is however, another interpretation too. And that is its never too late. We are constantly changing and moving. Its kind of insulting when someone says "oh you've not changed one bit" after they've not seen me for a while - I hope I have! We can at any time change direction, values and beliefs if they no longer fit us. We are never too far on our journey to make a fresh start.

If Fred can decide what he wants to do from the grave then so can you!

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