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It's Better To Do Things...

This runs the risk of seeming obvious - but sometimes the most seemingly obvious can be the most useful.

Sometimes we spend a lot of our time wondering about those big momentus decisions - moving house, changing jobs in order to get that right.

Howver, its worth thinking with a little more clarity about the decisions we make were the stakes are low. "I could go out tonight but I will be perfectly happy to stay in and watch TV" Strangely these can be the hardest decisions to make when we know we will be relatively happy either way.

In these cases my recommendation is to have "do the thing" as your default. "Doing the thing" opens up opportunity, change and variation. It can lead to other things - there is simply more likely to be a payoff from it than not doing the thing than not doing th thing.

This morning I planned to go a longer walk with Rany over some hills to get a better view of Ailsa Craig. When I was sitting with coffee before I went the temptation to go for my normal beach walk, be back sooner and not take a chance on the longer walk was strong. But we went of the walk and it was great. I am glad I did and hear are the photos to prove it.

Have a good week and try and keep a bias in mind toward the slightly active rather than passive option that might come your way over the week.


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