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Grieving Is Unique

Many people seem to believe there is a right way and wrong way to grieve. Or at least that they are doing it wrong in some sense. This leads people in the direction of thinking they perhaps must not have loved someone very much or they didn't care in some way.

However, its important to know we all grieve in different ways and looking at the five stages of grief as a measurement of either your love or your loss or how far you are down the road of recovery is not in the least bit helpful. Nor is being told the right way to do it by well-meaning friends.

The truth is you will grieve in the way you need to and in the way that is right for you. There is no short cut through the pain and there are no "better" ways to do it.

In fact, if there is a shortcut it is this: there is no shortcut other than facing and feeling the loss in the way that is right for you and taking as long or as short a time as it takes. I wish there was a remedy to make it easier but that I am afraid, is the only path through this - the one you cut yourself.

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