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Don't Dodge The Hard Stuff

It can often be the case that people using counselling or therapy are often worried about admitting things have not been too good since the last session. This might be that a new idea that might help cope with stressful thoughts has not worked - or not even been tried. It might be that there has been a wider sense of sadness than was the case before.

A good therapist does not believe that things will go week by week in a smooth trajectory of improvement like a plane leaving the runway and climbing into the sky Things simply do not work that way. Therapy is a lot of work and the road is bumpy. Therapists know this and, more than that that, know that these 'failure' events are just as important to talk about as successful moments.

Its more important to come each session feeling you can be honest with yourself and your therapist about what is really going on with you especially about difficult times and struggles that have been taking place. Don't let sessions be an exercise in dodging uncomfortable questions, don't come out of sessions feeling you managed to fool your therapist, breathing a sigh of relief. Use the sessions to be brutally honest with yourself - that's what you've come for and that's where the progress comes.

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