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Depression As A Point Of Growth

This week I am going to promote a podcast I listened to earlier in the week! The link is at the end of these paragraphs. Michael Harding is an Irish writer and storyteller who expresses this idea with far more originality and warmth than I can - please listen to it.

He says that we all have moments when we feel we are useless, when we think we are stupid or have done the wrong thing. We all often have periods of depression and anxiety. This is not rare or something to be ashamed of. It is, in fact, an essential part of that growth.

These opportunities to grow in the midst of difficult times are available to us if we can get between the moment of despondancy or loss of motivation and, before we have that experience that flash of anger or self destruction, we shed that skin and sit with the emotion, feel what we are feeling and tend to it.

Change will not always come immediately and not with ease but it will nonetheless come as we let go of that part of us that wants to call ourselves names. Instead we can be reborn as someone who sees our own pain and responds with kindness and love, letting go of the visceral hatred and anger we often insinctively reach for in those moments, knowing it will pass and is passing. Realisng that our journey will continue.

Believe me the podcast explores this with much more wit, intellegence and humour than I cam so please listen to it - you really won't be disappointed.

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