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Climate Emergency, acceptance and resignation

I read this piece a day or two ago and really liked it. I think its talking about the difference between the concept of "acceptance" - that things are as this way just now, that they can be difficult or unpleasant or worrying but nonetheless undeniably like this. Radical acceptance means we see this but it also means we do not accept them as a permanently so - this is how things are - what does this mean I need to do to change them.

The alternative is "resignation" - things are as they are and there is nothing I can do. I will deflect, ignore, feel powerless and drift because things will always be permanently this way. I have no agency to change matters.

I think often we mistake acceptance for resignation: acceptance can be a radical force for change. This can be with large issues such as climate change but often too in our personal journey. Frequently I find myself in my work discussing the meaning of acceptance - often when I talk about accepting things as they are I hear "but I don't want to!" However, that is a misunderstanding of the word - acceptance is only accepting things as they are right now and is a first stept to be followed by "so what can I do about it?" In this form of "acceptance" there is no denial, no sugar coating or avoidance of the issues we are facing - just a simple acknowledgement. Often we can then work on understanding where we have the power to make a difference - if that be universal issues or personal issues.

And we all have more agency and power than sometimes we are comfortable in acknowledgng. We can make a difference to the world and to ourselves.

Take care


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