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Be The Lion Instead Of The Dog

Now I do love dogs. I am down the beach every morning with mine and this blog is nothing against dogs.


Often we let our thoughts rule us. They pop in and out of our awareness, they affect our mood, how we physically feel and often bemuse us. They direct and control us to an extent I think few of us care to acknowledge.

We mostly react to thoughts like a dog reacts to a ball. The ball is thrown and off the dog goes chasing it to wherever it is going, careering after it through the grass, into a stream and off over the hedges and hills. Is being so reactive helpful?

Throw a ball at a lion and the lion will sit still and look back to where the ball came from. The lion will choose to ignore it, go after with calmness and stealth or perhaps....whoever threw it!

It seems to me that we can rarely control our thoughts - its a myth to think that is the purpose of meditation. However, what we can do is reflect on our thoughts and, like the lion, choose how we respond to them rather than haphazardly chase them around as they bounce around and take us wherever they lead.

Take care and have a lovely week ahead


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